Mediation Services

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to inform that Saitua Legal will continue to operate during this difficult time.  We will be offering mediations via video and teleconferencing.

We are offering videoconferencing using Zoom Pro Suite as our first choice.  This platform offers a number of features which are particularly well suited to mediations, including virtual breakout rooms where counsel may confer with their clients in private.  It is not necessary for participants to have their own Zoom accounts.  Participants join the conference by clicking a link provided by email and following the instructions.  It's quite simple.  More information can be found at

If Zoom isn't for you, we are happy to arrange mediations via Webex, Skype, teleconference or another platform if the parties so choose.

For those interested, our office would be happy to set up a run-through Zoom or Webex meeting so that parties can try out a particular platform and become familiar with it in advance of making a decision, or in preparation for a mediation.  This will be offered at no extra cost.

We strongly believe that there is immeasurable value in conducting in-person mediations, and understand that not every mediation lends itself to proceeding remotely.  However, where appropriate, proceeding by video and teleconferencing will allow parties to move their matters forward in this uncertain time.

Please feel free to contact Morgan or Marcela should you have any questions.  
Wishing everyone good health.